"The Fool" inspired SG 

Handpainted with enamel paints. A real eye catcher on and off stage. 


No doubt that Eric Clapton´s „Fool“ SG is one of the most iconic guitars in rock music history. The extraordinary paintjob is certainly not the only reason for its fame as this guitar was also an essential element of Eric´s famed „woman tone“. Clapton used the guitar extensively while playing with Cream. The psychedelic paintjob was done in 1967 by a group of Dutch artists who called themselves „The Fool“. They set a fiery- haired angel amid stars and clouds, added an idyllic landscape to the pickguard, and put an explosively 1960s version of a sunburst finish on the back. The angels big red hair was inspired by Eric´s hairstyle at that time. This guitar is a perfect example of the psychedelic era in the 60s and a real eye catcher on and off stage. 


Our „Fool“ replica was beautifully handpainted with enamel paints just like the original. Little details were recreated, following the pictures of the original SG. The guitar has a thin clear enamel coat to protect the paintjob from scratches. NB! This guitar does not have an industrial high gloss finish. The laquer has wanted imperfections just like the original „Fool“ had. 


Guitar details:  Epiphone SG Limited edition

"Monterey Pop" inspired strat


 Our Jimi´s "Monterey Pop" replica is ready to rock! Sprayed with red acrylic paint and handpainted with enamel colours. 

George Inspired "Rocky" guitar



 Our "Rocky" replica was carefully and beautifully hand-painted like George´s guitar using enamel paints and nail polishes and finally coated with a clear protection coat.

 Loads of efforts were done to achieve this striking resemblance to George´s guitar.This also includes wanted imperfections to give it the feel and appearance of the original guitar. 

Jimi Inspired Psychedelic V 


Beautifully hand-painted after the famous psychedelic Flying V using enamel paints. Tons of effort was put into recreating every single detail that Jimi painted on his legendary Flying V.

Ed Inspired Black´n´White